Mixtape Marathon

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Going Gentle into that Good Night...

I might change my mind about this later, but right now I'm pretty sure that I've outgrown this blog. It's been just about 2 years, and I think I've hit a little bit of a wall. And it's not fair for me to hold myself out as an active blogger when the truth is I'm just not sure when or if I'll post again on Mixtape Marathon. I do want to keep writing though, so chances are I'll start a new blog pretty soon. Something in a different color, and with a slightly different tone. Maybe something that doesn't rely so heavily on the use of the word "poop." So please stay tuned and don't forget me. (And Annabreviation, enough with the waterworks! This isn't the end; it's the beginning.) So let me contemplate what I'm going to do, and I'll make my new whereabouts known when I figure something out.